About Art Serve

Art-Serve which has been established in Singapore since 1998, prides itself in providing high quality personalized gifts and print products to Individuals, Schools and Corporations.


We offer a wide range of Personalized Gifts and Print products such as the following:

Personalized T-Shirt

(Family T-Shirts, Couple T-shirts and even Friendship T-Shirts!!), Class T-Shirts, Company/ Corporation events T-Shirts etc.)


Printing of Photos Mugs, Puzzles, Cushions, Backpacks, Stringbags, Bottles and Pouches

Embroidery Patches

Corporate Logo Embroidery / Name tag Embroidery / Velcro Patches

Art-Serve believes in placing our customer’s Personalized printing interests and needs as priority by providing fuzz-free initial designing services at no extra charges. We emphasize on giving our customers the freedom to express their creative thoughts with the assistance of our dedicated team of Designers providing sound advices on their designs. We also strive to meeting tight deadlines and producing quality artworks to suit all occasions and needs of our customers.

Special Student Rates

We ensure on High Quality printing tagged along with low and affordable rates.

Printing Methods

PU Heat Transfer

A majority of the printing Art-Serve does for clients is silk screen printing but from time to time certain products or logos are better suited to using the transfer printing method.

When to use transfer printing?

Names and Numbers

Multi-coloured logos
that need to look bright
and bold

Nylon fabrics –
waterproofs, hi-vis jackets,

Small quantity
of items

How our Heat Press works

Unlike screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, transfers sit on top of the garment. This means they look sharp and bright because the garment base colour does not affect the design. A transfer can be made in a number of different ways and then is applied to the garment using a heat press.

Are transfers durable?

Not as durable as silkscreen printing though the technology has come a long way in recent years. Preferably hand washed.